My name is Jac, and I’m an educator.

That means that I’m a professional learner. My job is to model a willingness to explore, discover and sometimes fail. I document some of the less embarrassing moments on this blog: interviews with people I look up to, resources I find to support or challenge my own educational philosophy, and moments I’m proud of.

I’ve worked in education for 9 years and taught at the middle school level for 7. I currently work at Google. ((Everything on this site is a personal perspective, not that of Google)) If you’d like to learn more about me, check out a brief resume.

I will not write about you, your website or your product in exchange for money or stuff. If you are pushing the boundaries in education I am interested in learning how.

Along the way there are some very kind people who say that this blog content has helped them. Thanks for taking the time to do so:

2012 Education Week Blog Award Winner

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