Tips for cultivating a positive digital identity

Adolescents hear so many messages about what NOT to do online…let’s flip the script and provide some suggestions for cultivating a positive social network identity.

Some examples of healthy tips:

  • Upload photos of you cleaning storm drains
  • Start an online petition to clean up a park near your home
  • Join a Facebook group that supports healthy eating habits

Please contribute your own ideas via this form (original form available via this link):

What is your tip for cultivating a positive digital identity?
Please be specific, with directions if necessary.


If you’d like to be credited with your suggestions in the final slidedeck, please provide some information about yourself.

One thought on “Tips for cultivating a positive digital identity

  1. So great! I can’t wait to see the results. My students have heard so many “don’ts” it is very hard to get their thinking turned around to what they can and should do. What a great brainstorming activity!

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