Creating interactive YouTube videos for the classroom

On a flight home from an incredible couple of days of professional development at the Flipped Conference in Chicago (#flipcon12). Highlights included meeting some of my virtual mentors face-to-face, meeting the Ted-Ed team, and Brian Bennett’s keynote (@bennettscience).

Resources from my presentation on “YouTube Interactive are posted below (rss readers may need to jump to the website) – feel free to use, share, improve:

YouTube Interactive: Flipped Conference 2012

A list of resources compiled for the Flipped Conference in Chicago, held June 18-20, 2012. Presented by Jac de Haan (@techwithintent) to a room full of talented educator-participants.

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Pre-session chatter

Looking forward to @techwithintent #flipcon12 session.Taylor Pettis
Standing room only with @techwithintent #flipcon12. Excited about his prez on #YTinteract!Mrs. Howard
@techwithintent Jac you are the man! Rock this presentation #flipcon12Dr. Chris McGee
@crystalkirch @NancySchunke @techwithintent into this right now : here you go
@techwithintent is starting his session! Interacting with video using #Flipcon12Nancy Schunke

How to create YouTube annotations – step-by-step instructions and resources

Annotated vids all tools available on youtube instructional vid on @techwithintent site #flipcon12Audrey McLaren McG
YouTube InteractivePresentation at Flipped Conference 2012 on using YouTube annotations in the classroom for student self-assessment.
Interactive YouTube video overview – how-totechwithintent
Getting Started with Annotations – YouTube HelpJun 7, 2012 … The Annotations Editor is a creator tool that lets you layer text, hotspots and links over your video, thus enriching e…

Authentic learning in action

@techwithintent showing non-educational examples of #YTinteract in his session – making us apply them to our content area. #props #FlipCon12Karl LS
@techwithintent "I don’t want to walk you through this. This is a flipped presentation. You can go learn it at home." True flip #flipcon12Marisa Kaplan

Examples of annotations – interactive buttons within a YouTube video

NapDyno Soundboardtechwithintent
2009 Oscars Interactive Photo Challenge!copyrighthater
Use #YTinteract to do a ‘choose your own adventure’ type video experience. Oh, the possibilities… #flipcon12 @techwithintentMrs. Howard
Ronald Has A Spider On His Head: An Interactive Mis-Adventure!spastikchuwawa
annotation examplesYouTube
Flipped instruction and Screencasting: beyond mathtechwithintent

Other options for creating student interaction with video

While this session focused on inter- and intra-video interaction with YouTube, there are other ways of creating 2-way communication. Here are a few:

1. Roll your own interaction: this technique is used by @ramusallam and others. If you have a blog or a website, you can embed both a YouTube video and a Google form on the same page/post (aligned vertically or horizontally). Students consume the media and then respond via short/long form. This could be combined with an embedded annotated video to give students quick self-assessment and then a final synthesis that is turned in digitally. Bare-bones example:

2. Annotations with Camtasia: The latest versions of Camtasia include the ability to create FLASH-based annotations that can be clicked once the video is exported and uploaded to Each clip can currently include a single annotation, so if you’d like to create more than one interactive opportunity, you will need to “split” your screen capture in Camtasia before uploading.

3. Ted-Ed flipped lessons: Ted Talks have a new education offshoot that allows users to embed multiple choice questions next to ANY existing YouTube video. If students log in to complete the assignment, analytics are available for the teacher.

Ideas that fell out of my mouth and made sense to other people

"You’ve got to release control and trust that kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing." – @techwithintent #FlipCon12Karl LS
Put a long pause at the end of your YouTube videos to avoid ‘related videos’ coming up. @techwithintent #Flipcon12Nancy Schunke
@techwithintent Throw a pause into the video to encourage thought amongst students. #flipcon12Marisa Kaplan
@techwithintent "students taking charge of their learning" I love when presenters say that #flipcon12Kim Darche
embed vid by student at the end of mine to peak student interest, learn from another student, etc. #flipcon12 #ytinteract @techwithintentMrs. Howard
Upload video 2 common Dropbox & each kid pulls their own copy-makes annotations – unique learning experiences. #flipcon12 @techwithintentKim Darche
Ways to annotate for interactivity: sequential procedure or branching procedure @techwithintent #Flipcon12Nancy Schunke
#YTinteract link vid by someone else. Ss don’t get it from me, here are 3 other experts saying it better than me! #flipcon12 @techwithintentMrs. Howard
"all designed for student self assessment so that Ss can take responsibility for their learning." @techwithintent #Flipcon12Nancy Schunke

Kind words from participants

@KleinErin @techwithintent Sharing your blog with teachers in my district on sites to explore this summer. Thanks for your wonderful work!Michelle Gohagon
@LoraEducation Hey Lora! Here at #flipcon12 with @techwithintent learning about adding features to youtube videos. You would love it!Marisa Kaplan
@techwithintent Definitely! Thanks for sharing your expertise – I’m left with lots to think about.Karl LS
Really great presentation with @techwithintent #flipcon12Kim Darche
Great session with @techwithintent about annotating YouTube vids. Great potential! #flipcon12Kerry Cule
@techwithintent great job. Had to go record my TedEd vid. Would love to get some resources for my #iste12 prez. #flipcon12Troy Cockrum
@Science_LEARN You think @techwithintent is cool, check out his youtube page, then meet him n person #humbled #cooldudeDr. Chris McGee
@techwithintent Hi Jac – so is it true your session wasn’t filmed and won’t be tomorrow? 🙁 I hope not! So many great tweets! (I’m virtual)Crystal Kirch

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  2. This is an awesome tool. I can really see this doing wonders for my ELL’s and seems to have limitless possibilities.

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