Buzzword BINGO – SxSWedu 2014

Hi to all my Austin friends…sorry to be missing this year’s event.

It’s March, and that means time for the fastest growing (and arguably hippest) education conference in the United States – SxSWedu in Austin. More people, more presentations, more great  opportunities for learning.

If you are just jumping into the world of edtech, use this BINGO card to ensure an introduction to the latest trends.

If you are well-versed on the intersection of education and technology, keep an eye out for these buzzwords and challenge startups and presenters to go deeper than a marketing pitch.


ISTE buzzword bingo 2013

It’s time for ISTE again, one of the world’s largest edtech conferences – this year in San Antonio, TX. With 4 days worth of events and tens of thousands of participants, it can be difficult to figure out what sessions to attend. If this is your indoctrination into the world of edtech, try playing ISTE BINGO to exposure yourself to a range of current pedagogical philosophies. If you are an ISTE veteran, shoot to cover the entire card over the course of the conference.

For the ultimate win, try and find a vendor with a tagline that scores a BINGO! There will be at least one on the floor:

iste buzzword bingo 2013

Free Google Earth in Edu webinar

Master teachers Jerome Burg and Thomas Petra are hosting a free Google OnAir discussion of best practices and curricular ideas for using Google Earth in education on November 2nd, 2012 at 7pm EST.

I’ve been stealing inspired teaching ideas from these two since the summer of 2008 – I guarantee you’ll walk away from the discussion with new ideas that can be implemented immediately!

Free iBook: Student Guide to iPads & iOS 6

The iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 has been out for a few weeks now, but Apple hasn’t yet released one for the iPad & iOS 6. Rather than wait, I decided to write a bare-bones intro to iPad & iOS 6 for my students – just enough to get comfortable with basic iPad use and get organized.

I just published The Student Guide to iPads & iOS 6 to the iBookstore for free, in case other students/teachers find it useful.

Constructive feedback is welcomed, and please take the time to review if you find the information useful.

Thanks. is flipping lectures is teaming educators with animators to create TED-Ed flipped lectures. Anyone can choose a YouTube video and then place it side-by-side with a variety of questions, allowing viewers to assess their own recall and understanding.

I was honored to be invited to present a lesson while in Chicago for #FlipCon12 back in June. My recording went live today! You can view the entire lesson directly at Ted-Ed: Why do competitors open their stores next to one another? – Jac de Haan or watch the video below:

Thanks to Logan, Jordan, Stephanie, Jon & Aaron for making this happen! And thanks to Luke Rowsell for bringing the story to life.

social network restrictions in iOS 6 for iPad

iOS 6 – MDM not yet ready for new restrictions

If you are planning on upgrading your school-based deployment of iPads & iPod Touches, check your Restriction Profiles to ensure the new feature settings are compliant with your school policy.

Today Apple released iOS 6 – the new operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. iOS 6 contains tighter social network integration, with deep links to Twitter and Facebook.

For those of use deploying devices to students under 13, it is nice to be able to restrict this account integration as it isn’t technically legal for our students to have social network accounts.

Devices can be managed by touching every single one, navigating to the Settings>Restrictions screen, enabling Restrictions and then switching off Twitter & Facebook. But for those of us with hundreds or thousands of machines to manage, this isn’t easy to do.

Most iOS device managers use a combination of Apple Configurator for tethered updates and a mobile device management (MDM) tool for over-the-air (OTA) updates.

I’ve been testing this afternoon and it doesn’t seem like any of these management tools have updated their Restriction profiles to allow for the management of these new Restriction features.

Keep an eye out for Configurator updates in the new few weeks to help us support our deployments. If you have an MDM solution that has been upgraded, please comment or tweet back!

social network restrictions in iOS 6 for iPad