ISTE BINGO & edtech buzzwords

Having trouble solidifying your ISTE schedule? With over 1000 events in 4 days, narrowing down choices can be tricky. If this is your indoctrination into the world of edtech, try playing ISTE BINGO to ensure exposure to a range of current pedagogical philosophies. If you are an ISTE veteran, see if you can score BINGO in a single session by keeping an ear out for buzzwords. It may be possible to black-out your entire card over the course of the conference.

For the ultimate win, try and find a vendor with a tagline that scores a BINGO.


Bonus: ISTE Ignite BINGO

For those attending the rapid-fire ISTE Ignite sessions on Monday @ 8am and Tuesday @ 3:45, see if your presenters can hit the jackpot and score BINGO with this special ISTE Ignite 2012 BINGO card!



2 thoughts on “ISTE BINGO & edtech buzzwords

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  2. Hilarious! I wonder what this year’s buzz words would be… Might be interesting to compare last years to this years and analyze the change in edtech over time.

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