Announcing FlipLab – a 21st century professional development experience

I’m super-excited to be a part of a FlipLab, a new workshop that blends flipped classroom technical skills and  experiential learning.

The entire workshop is flipped, in that attendees will do some pre-work before arriving on February 23rd. With a common foundation of knowledge and vocabulary, the workshop will focus on building a complete roadmap for flipped classrooms. From content alignment to screencasting to project-based learning and alternative assessment, we will look at how to successfully integrate technology and create meaningful learning experiences.

From the website:

FlipLab gathers innovative educators to explore and share best teaching practice while leveraging recorded content…Everything developed at FlipLab is shared with other teachers under a Creative Commons license. You will leave a FlipLab workshop with flipped lessons tailored for your classroom and ready to implement. You’ll pilot them in your classroom and work with peer coaches to debrief the results. Even better, you’ll be part of a network of educators pushing the boundaries of educational best practice.

And the best part of all is the incredible team of FlipLab mentors who will be video-conferencing in to provide support and share their own successes and obstacles. The list of mentors is a who’s who of best teaching practice and also a list of my personal educator heroes:

  • Aaron Sams (flipped classroom pioneer, standards-based grading enthusiast)
  • Stacey Roshan (flipped classroom teacher)
  • Ramsey Mussallam (teacher, adjunct professor, cognitive load researcher, YouTube teacher studio presenter)
  • Tom Frizelle (Overlake IT Director, UW doctoral candidate in Educational Communication & Technology)
  • Troy Cockrum (flipped classroom language arts teacher, Google Certified Teacher)
  • Ash Bhoopathy (social learning network expert, collaborative technology designer)
  • Jon Bergmann (flipped classroom pioneer, master teacher)
  • Brian Bennett (teacher, world traveller, flipped classroom master)
  • Greg Bamford (Tedx Overlake organizer, Prototype Camp organizer, teacher)


The event is invitation only, but the application for Session 1 near Seattle, WA is open for teachers interested in flipped classrooms. [ed. note: This session was scheduled for Feb 2012.]