iPad screencasting Apps comparison chart

Back in September, I reviewed 4 screencasting Apps for the iPad along with demo video and a comparison chart. Since then there have been a few App updates and EduCreations launched a free App.

I’m still using a desktop solution for creating time-shifted content for my students, but I’ve updated the comparison chart to reflect new iPad screencasting App features.

9 thoughts on “iPad screencasting Apps comparison chart

    1. Hi David,

      I’m a fan of Camtasia 2.0. I once received a complimentary copy from TechSmith and it has all the functions I need. I don’t do anything too fancy though.

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  3. Interesting chart. I include it in the grad course I teach about ipads in education when we talk about screencasting. Nice work.

    If I may, I think there a couple other very important considerations when choosing a screencasting app. First, the ability to RE-record audio on a slide. For anyone who ever got tongue-tied on the last slide and wasn’t able to re-record just that slide, this is a HUGELY important feature.

    Second, the ability to insert a slide between two others. For those of us who can never get all the needed slides the first time around.

    Third, the ability to re-arrange slides, taking the audio with it.

    I know we’re talking about free or very inexpensive apps, so we can’t expect the world. But, if those ARE features in one app and not in another, I really think they are worth mentioning.

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